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America's First 80s station, originally an FM station operating as WXST and occupying the 107.9 frequency on the FM dial in Columbus, Ohio from 1998 to 2001. Now exclusively on the Internet for all to enjoy with more variety than ever before.

Shows on STAR1079


KTODD Radio has a series of 2 hour shows that STAR1079.com is proud to offer to our listeners.

KTODD 70s - Mon 8PM
KTODD 80s - Wed 8PM
KTODD Rock Rewind - Thr 8PM
KTODD 90s - Thr 10PM

Call Todd anytime to leave a request or comment voicemail...(315) 665-1970
Star1079.com is Proud to announce Were Living in The 1980s with Smash Ventura ON Demand! Click the On Demand logo above to get On Demand now.

Also check out the show on Sunday Evenings, 8pm to 11pm EST on www.star1079.com

Take care & see ya in the past!
- Smash Ventura

80s Magic

Join Stuart Dickson for a classic episode of "80s Magic", only on star1079.com

Sun @ 12pm Noon

Syndicated Shows

Totally 80s
Each week Gary King takes you through 2 hours of the decadent decade.

Saturday @ 12PM Noon
Monday @ 12PM Noon.

BTT80s Join Ray Gauthier & sometimes Adrian Scott, every week for classic episodes of amazing music from an amazing decade, the 80's!

Thursday @ noon
Saturday @ 2pm


New in 2016

Those in the United States unfortunately are unable to listen to us. This is because the United States Copyright Royalty Board failed to renew the Small Webcaster Act of 2009, which allowed small webcasters like STAR1079.com and Easy108.net a royalty rate based on our revenue. The current royalty rate for 2016 would cost this station an estimated $1500 to $3300 per month. Much more than we could earn and not comparable with other royalties we pay. So because of the price put on U.S. listeners ears, we have had to block access. Feel free to sign the petition to congress.

We do continue to pay royalities to other organizations like PRS in the UK and SOCAN in Canada under Tariff 22.F, so if you are ever in those locations feel free to give us a listen as you are not blocked in those locations.

Missing Some 80s?

Every once and a while we get a request for a song that we don't have already ripped off the LP, 8-Track or cassette, which causes us to make a mad dash down to the 80s Vault so we can hook up the patch cables and get it ready to play for you. If you know of an 80s song that we aren't playing, but should, then send us an email to 'requests' AT star1079.com and we will get it prep'd for play.

STAR Personalities

The regular line up

  • Deborah George
  • Flounder
  • Pacrat
  • David Jenkins (Meteorologist)
  • Jake Sommers
  • Chuckman
  • Viper
  • Scott Fisher (Voice Guy)
  • Cisop Sixpence (Co-PD)

  • The backup crew

    • Jason Roberts (Dir. Emeritus)
    • Kelly Quinn
    • Andrew Wright
    • Scary Larry
    • Billy Burke
    • Jeff Hunter
    • Vincent Riley (Co-PD)

    ... and anyone we've missed.

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